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   -01 jul 2006-

 Well, I packed up my scanner along with other stuff, and for at least the rest of the time I'm in Kuwait/Iraq I'm going to work on just improving my drawing style and consistency, which will help to make it easier to output comics at a faster pace with higher quality.  I've been kinda sick of some parts of my 'drawing style' for a while and they shall be changed.

 I also tossed some new artwork up, one of them a request from Hale of TofuStyle for use in Dr. Hamstructo.


   -23 jun 2006-

Joystick artwork done, gonna start working on #16 tonight.


   -17 jun 2006-

finally got #15 done, building suspense or something... NO! DRAMA!  yeah!  Working on some artwork for a custom joystick right now.

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