the beginning

  T.N.B. started a bit after I began reading webcomics, and after I got extremely bored and decided that not only should I pick up drawing again, but that I should start up a comic, because hell, I can do a lot better than a lot of the crap I've seen around.

  I did not do a very good job. After years of not drawing, my artowrk was relatively crappy, my lack of a coherent story made the comic extremely hard to follow, my lack of understanding of how comics should be created WAY too much text and the plots themselves, aside from being incomprehensible, were too short and didn't create any room for the characters to be anything more than drawings.

    the middle

  After these problems, plus others were brought to my attention by both myself and other webcomic artists when I asked for opinions (my friends were useless for opinions since they kept telling me it was great), I worked on improving the artwork, decreased the wordies, and planned out the storylines better. That didn't last too long since the amount of work I put into the comic wasn't worth the nothing I got out of it, so I quit the comic.

    the now

  I decided to kinda start the comic over again, converting it from a superhero comic to a comic more based on the idea of government funded strike teams. I've again refined the artwork, which I still try to improve upon, changed the comic layout into a comic book format and actually planned out the storyline into multiple future chapters.

  Now I just have to get it done, but my desire to actually see the comic done thru the future storylines will likely get me working on this more than my nonexistent readers (best I ever had was about 40 a day).




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